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  • 45% Beef, 45% Horse Meat, 10% Offal

Protein is such an essential part of your pup’s diet, and beef is a great source of it. Not to mention the high levels of beneficial B vitamins and iron, which are absolutely vital for those growing puppies out there if they want to stay healthy and full of vitality. Of course, not all types of meat are created equal, so let’s make sure your pup is getting the right mix of proteins and other nutrients. Horse meat is a great choice here — it’s low-fat but still packed with iron and vitamin B, so you can be sure your pooch will benefit from it. And don’t forget about offal! It provides plenty of B-complex vitamins, vitamins E and D, amino acids, iron and trace minerals like copper and zinc. Lastly, there’s goat meat for an excellent source of riboflavin (vitamin B2), which helps with muscle strength, energy production, healthy skin and good eyesight. All that combined makes up our ratio of 45% beef, 45% horse, and 10% offal – perfect for both puppies and breeders. Now you can make sure your pup is getting the best nutrition they need!

This product has been thoughtfully crafted to give your pup an optimal balance of protein, vitamins, iron and minerals in a convenient meal that will provide them with the nutrition they need. With a combination of the highest quality ingredients, it is sure to give your pup the healthy and happy life they deserve. Give them the best with this nutritional powerhouse!

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